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the bee is addicted to sales

Now that i’m in ny, i’ve been scouring blogs about upcoming samples sales and trying to go to many as possible – as I only have a short time here.  there are a few varieties of sample sales – the official ones thrown by Soiffer Haskin and the people at the Metropolitan Pavilion or the ones that are done by the fashion houses themselves, but then there are the ghetto ones that are done by companies like Clothingline.  I’ve had the opportunity to go to a few of these and they have for the most part – if during high time – been very stressful and unpleasant.  On two separate occasions, the workers would yell at the shoppers reminding them the dressing rooms were closing and tell you not to try on things outside.  There are occasions where there’s no fitting room period, like at the jcrew sale.  It seems like being rude is the prevalent attitude at these places between the rough neck senior men and their junior latina staff.  They sent out an email yesterday morning about a last minute blow out sale and it turned out the stuff was all crap and picked over by the time I got there.  Honestly, it’s not even that much cheaper than MSRP.  I can’t completely write them off since I’ve bought many pieces at their Theory sale, but I can say I wont be going there again… maybe until their Free People sale.

dont know who these guys are but they were jamming oldies at Washington Square as we passed through this past sunday.  everyone was dancing and even a dog started singing along.


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An All-time Low

For some time, like 5 years, I’ve abstained from McDonald’s.  It’s been a long arduous and exciting journey in my search for the perfect food for myself.  It all started with Dr. Biehler’s book “Food is Your Best Medicine” and later on, Weston Price off from that tangent. That’s why this past weekend was an all time low.  I had succumbed to half a decade of fairly good dietary habits.  Some would say it was the pull of their strong ad campaign, “Give me back that Filet o Fish, Give me that Fish”… while others may point to my apparent lack of self control.  Either way, I had fallen…

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Alright, here goes…

my voice echoing into cyberspace and the plan is to remain absolutely anonymous.   It’s almost like being in a chat room except you’re in an eternal monologue.  Someone once told me that works of art is created completely for yourself – if you do it for anyone it will lose it’s authenticity and value.  So here I am…for myself.

I’m starting this blog because I want to document my year in nyc, abeit a few months late.  For some time, I felt a longing to create, to make kisses with my camera and to remember who I was when I felt something.  My hope is this blog will help accomplish that.

I’m meeting up with the fee for dinner at Market Table tonight so I cant talk long.  I wanted to take him and sit at the Morton Street dog park and watch the dogs try to hump each other but it’s getting too dark already.

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